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Implementing Cutting-Edge XR Solutions for Our Customers

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Non-fungible token

We develop fashion and lifestyle NFTs, mainly focusing on apparel, interiors, gastronomy, and sport.


We design, develop and create an NFT universe according to your specifications. This also applies to custom partner sites, so you are ensured your universe is individualized with your own proprietary NFTs. We manage the whole process in close cooperation with you from start to finish.

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Augmentet Reality

In-store AR or Snapchat

We develop AR solutions that interact with the customer. This can either be through custom displays using in-store monitors, activating the integrated AR-filter with a QR code, or alternatively as a SoME solution based on Snapchat filters.


For the latter, users can use Snapchat to share an AR image of themselves wearing a designer jacket, either by using an existing digital platform or through a proprietary universe.



Masterful AR interaction

We presented a singular AR setup consisting of an IPhone connected to a monitor at CIFF in February 2022. When passers-by were captured by the IPhone’s camera, they were automatically issued a digital jacket from a Snapchat filter.


This generated a lot of interest at the booth, where several retail chains could see the exciting opportunities this could offer with regard to engaging with their customer segments 24/7.


Lifelike, digital fashion samples.

We manage the entire process from start to finish, creating saleable, lifelike digital fashion samples within an ultra-short delivery time, that do not require our customers to make investments in software, equipment or extra staffing.


No physical samples are ever produced and our 3D images are detailed to such a degree, that you can always expect a realistic impression of cut, fitting, and materials.

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